Download torrents in bitso servers

No need to torrent client

With Bitso you don’t need to install any programmes, all you need is a common browser. the torrent leeching/seeding proccess happens in server side.

Download big torrents faster

No need to keep your pc powered on , just add your torrent file/magnet link to leech, and it will automatically leech for you. The torrent health doesn’t matter, thus you can even download torrents with lesser seeds and maximum speed.


Torrents are downloaded through Bitso servers and the upload speed of the servers will be much faster than home internet services. So if your private torrent has leechers, you will surely experience a good upload rate.

Fast, Private, Secure

Downloading some torrents is time consuming and may take several days, during which time you should keep your system running, but not with Bitso! Bitso does all the torrent work for you and you only download torrent files at high speed!

Our users downloding torrent

Bitso services are fast and have a very low price compared to other torrent download sites. I can easily download torrents with bitso and transfer them to my Google Drive space. Zip and unzip capabilities are also very useful.

I use Bitso services as Seedbox because Bitso seeds private torrents after completing the download and this is very important to increase the rate in private trackers. I recommend Bitso to everyone who uses a private torrent.

Bitso services have no bandwidth limit and I can download unlimited torrents and that is great. I also easily connect kodi to my disk space in bitso and watch torrents online on TV.

Create an account for free and download torrents, No Software Required!