Torrent Seedbox

Private Torrent Seedbox

Private torrent trackers are very sensitive to the torrents you download, so after completing the torrent download in Bitso, the torrent seed mechanism continues as long as the torrent is in your panel.

Sidebox with maximum speed

Torrents are downloaded through Bitso servers and the upload speed of the servers will be much faster than home internet services. You will definitely experience a good upload rate with Bitso.

High quality Seedebox servers

Seedebox servers are located in the best European data centers and all servers are equipped with 1 Gigabit Internet connection. This will help to improve the rate of private torrents as much as possible.

Unlimited traffic

Sidbox will have no restrictions on bandwidth consumption or traffic, and you can download and upload unlimited based on the disk space in your panel.

- Are private torrents seeded? And how much.

Yes. If you put a private torrent to download, the upload mechanism continues after the file is fully downloaded. Seed Ratio is 7.

- Does Bitso guarantee that the private torrent will be fully seeded? And what if my private account is blocked?

No. Bitso is a torrent download tool and will not be responsible for your account.

- Where can I get a private torrent invitation?

Bitso does not exchange torrent invitations. But by searching forums and groups, you can find people who give you a torrent invitation.